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Avatar Thermal Eye

Intelligent identification of thermal points to avoid human error | Automated scanning to prevent human contact during contagious disease spread


It has been well established that high levels of CO2 and TVOCs (total volatile organic compunds) reduce the cognitive ability of human beings as much as 30%.


Wellguard has several powerful features to improve pump operation and maintenance in the artificial-lift O & G industry. After all, production solely depend on the optimal pump run-time and lowest down-times.

Power Tariff Alert

This is a state of the art product from AVATAR Renewables, designed for a large number of ENERGY MANAGEMENT and AUDIT applications.

Avatar Water Wheel

Water Wheel Avatar (reincarnation) is a new concept consisting of a fully submersed, vertical axis water wheel which can harness power from low to medium velocity, uni/bi-directional water flows.

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Water Wheel Avatar | Performance Tests

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